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Tapes #1 to #50
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the Wildeside
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Paul Mack Presents
the Movieline

1983 - 1986
Tapes #1 to #50

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The Wildeside
with William Wilde

with Paul Mack

with Paul Mack

Recordings Produced using

"Mack Sound"

Paul Mack Presents:
The Movieline

T001 Tape #1

Produced By Dan Dual Phase
Review of Gandhi, Plays "The Visitant" promo.

1/17/83 to 1/20/83

T002 Tape #2

Produced By Dan Dual Phase

Trailers: A Little Sex, Rollercoaster, The Entity & Treasure Of The Four Crowns

1/30/83 to 2/3/83

T003 Tape #3

Produced By Dan Dual Phase
Dan is on part two with Paul.

Trailers: Mother Lode, Supergirl, Funeral Home, The Verdict, Without A Trace & Jimmy The Kid
Paul talks with Dave Burbank

2/6/83 to 2/10/83

T005 Tape #5

John from Northridge asks how old Eliot (Henry Thomas) from E.T. is. So he calls up Robert MacNaughton to find out.

2/20/83 to 2/24/83

T006 Tape #6

Produced By Dan Dual Phase
Talks with a girl Gina about movies. The Pat Benitar lookalike. Paul's dad leaves a comment. Paul plays a piece from Tiny Tim

2/27/83 to 3/3/83

T007 Tape #7

Produced By Dan Dual Phase
Guest: Tony North Hollywood
Trailer: Frances, Sophie's Choice & The Sting 2

3/6/83 to 3/10/83

T008 Tape #8

Produced By Dan Dual Phase
A ticket give away quiz. Movies to see: Frances, Table For Five, Love Sick & Gandhi.

3/14/83 to 3/17/83

T009 Tape #9

Produced By Dan Dual Phase
Guest: Tony North Hollywood & Dan interrupting once in a while.
Trailers: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, & Trenchcoat
Dan makes comment in the beginning.

3/20/83 to 3/24/83

T010 Tape #10

Produced By Dan Dual Phase
Trailers: 10 To Midnight, The Meaning Of Life, The Sword In The Stone & Max Dugan Returns
First mentioning of Final Destination Unknown.

3/27/83 to 3/31/83

T011 Tape #11

Produced By Dan Dual Phase
Trailers: Spring Break & Tender Mercies
Paul talks with Michelle from UA Movies 6 of North Hollywood. Ann Bernay is a phone guest.

4/3/83 to 4/7/83

T012 Tape #12

Produced By Dan Dual Phase
Guests: Tony North Hollywood, Dave Burbank, Paul's step-father (complaining about the noise) & Danny (hidden in a trunk).
Trailers: The Meaning Of Life, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Spring Break, Gandhi, Bad Boys, Max Dugan Returns & The Verdict
Trying to be funny on this tape. Paul, Tony & Dave to confuse Michael of Los Angeles.

4/10/83 to 4/14/83
Part 1

Part 2

T013 Tape #13

Produced By Dan Dual Phase
Guest: Roxanna Zal
Trailers: The Outsiders, Gandhi, The Meaning Of Life, Tender Mercies & Bad Boys
Plays part of the Academy Awards.

4/17/83 to 4/21/83
Part 1

Part 2

T014 Tape #14

Produced By Dan Dual Phase
Trailers: Flashdance, The Outsiders & Friday The 13th
More from the Academy Awards. Some of Bob Hope. Ends the tape with the ending of the first original show of Country Bear at Disneyland.

4/24/83 to 4/28/83
Part 1

Part 2

T015 Tape #15

Announcement of the passing of Dan Ross on 4/29/83
Trailers: Something Wicked This Way Comes, Flashdance, The Outsiders, Eddie Macon's Run & Doctor Detroit
Side 2 a Dual Phase memorial montage.

5/1/83 to 5/5/83
Part 1

Part 2

T016 Tape #16

Trailers: Flashdance, Valley Girl & Eddie Macon's Run
John Northridge announces that he is now John La Habra. Responses from the news of the passing of Dan Dual Phase.

5/8/83 to 5/12/83
Part 1

Part 2

T017 Tape #17

Guest: Robert MacNaughton
Trailers: Cheech & Chong's "Still Smokin'", Doctor Detroit, Valley Girl, Blue Thunder, Flashdance & Something Wicked This Way Comes
Robert MacNaughton talks about his new movie "I Am The Cheese". Bob Ob announces his line going back up. Paul plays a recording of when he called in to a talk show with Bob Hope as the guest.

5/15/83 to 5/19/83
Part 1

Part 2

T018 Tape #18

Guests: Dave Burbank, James Stuart (Jeff Baker)
Trailers: Breathless, Blue Thunder & Return Of The Jedi
Pizza Wars from Dual Phase was played.

5/23/83 to 5/26/83

T019 Tape #19

Paul takes the microphone out to the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Here he interviews people waiting in line to see the third "Star Wars" movie "Revenge Of The Jedi".
This was the first showing on 5/24/83 Midnight.

5/29/83 to 6/2/83
Part 1

Part 2

T020 Tape #20

Trailers: Psycho 2, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Flashdance, Octopussy, Blue Thunder, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Breathless

6/5/83 to 6/9/83
Part 1

Part 2

T021 Tape #21

Trailers: Return Of The Jedi, Private School, Octopussy & WarGames

6/12/83 to 6/16/83
Part 1 Time

Part 2

T022 Tape #22

Trailers: Private School, Stroker Ace & WarGames
Movieline update news. Bob Hope.

6/19/83 to 6/23/83

T023 Tape #23

Trailer: The Survivors
Alfred Hitchcock showing key points of Psycho.

6/26/83 to 6/30/83
Part 1

T024 Tape #24

Trailers: Private School & Stroker Ace
Paul Mack and Cesar Romero do a funny skit together. Bob Hope stuff. Movieline update news. Talks about future movies from Steven Speilberg like Peter Pan staring Michael Jackson and Schindlers List (Paul pronounced it as Shilender).

7/3/83 to 7/7/83

T025 Tape #25

25th Anniversary Special

Guests: Bryan W. Feedback, Dennis DeCreepo, Sylvester Stallone, Jeff & Greg (they do imitations), Bob Ob & Al Bernay

7/10/83 to 7/14/83

T026 Tape #26

Guests: John OCC, Jim ESS and Ron from Van Nuys (ME)
Trailer: Snow White & Staying Alive

7/17/83 to 7/21/83

T027 Tape #27

Co-Host: Dave Burbank
Guests: Susie from Burbank & "Bryan Etc Etc"
Trailer: Staying Alive & Jaws 3-D
Commercial message by Charlie Oakland, Bob Hope radio show and some radio spots

7/24/83 to 7/28/83

T028 Tape #28

Co-Host: Dave Burbank
Guests: Susan & Kathy
Trailers: Krull & WarGames

7/31/83 to 8/4/83

T029 Tape #29

Co-Host: Dave Burbank
Trailer: Private School

8/7/83 to 8/11/83

T030 Tape #30

Co-Host: Dave Burbank
Guests: Suzy from Burbank, Richard, Kathy, Christy from Sun Valley (Future Mrs. Mack), & a call in by Milton Gunsburg.
Trailers: Octopussy, Snow White, Flashdance & Staying Alive

8/14/83 to 8/18/83

T031 Tape #31

Guests: Jeff & Greg do a Cal Worthington spoof, Al Bernay
Trailer: Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn
Al Bernay explaining the purpose of people ending a phone call with "Goodb..." rather than "Goodbye". Playing on Part 2.

8/21/83 to 8/25/83

T032 Tape #32

Trailers: Nightmares, Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn, Merry Christmas Mr. Laurance & Yor The Hunter
A Sylvester Stallone impersonator friend of Paul's calls up Sunny Bono and congratuates him on the opening of his new restaurant.

8/28/83 to 9/1/83

T033 Tape #33

Co-Host: Tony Mack
Trailers: Strange Brew & Smokie And The Bandit 3
Paul and Tony try to immitate the McKenzie brothers.

9/4/83 to 9/8/83

T034 Tape #34

Trailers: Strange Brew & Merry Christmas Mr. Laurence
Paul goes out to one of the game arcades. "The Fun Factory Arcade" in North Hollywood on the corner of Victory and Vineland. First interviews the guard out in front. Paul plays the Popeye game.

9/11/83 to 9/15/83

T035 Tape #35

Co-Host: Dave Burbank
Guests: Michael the Galactic Hitchhiker, Suzy & Kathy
Tape begins with Disney's Tiki Room with some current music.
The group goes crazy.

9/18/83 to 9/22/83

T036 Tape #36

Phone Guest: Dave Burbank
Trailers: The Big Chill & The Final Option
Repeating Michael The Galactic Hitchiker's comment over and over.

9/25/83 to 9/29/83

T037 Tape #37

Trailers: The Lonely Lady, Eddie and The Cruisers & The Final Option
Paul starts off the tape by immitating Popeye.

10/2/83 to 10/6/83

T038 Tape #38

Trailers: The Big Chill & Rumble Fish
Paul reviews "The World Acording To Garp". Paul edits Michael the Galactic Hitchhiker's comment on the latest James Bond movie.

10/9/83 to 10/13/83

T039 Tape #39

Co-Hosts: Brian from "Nobody Home & Mickey's Pal
Trailers: Rumble Fish & Eddie And The Cruisers
Paul starts off the tape with a comedy skit about Mickey's divorce from Minny Mouse. Paul talks about the "Teen Film Festival" showing at the Newart theater.

10/16/83 to 10/20/83

T040 Tape #40

Trailer: Wavelength
Comments and reviews of horror films. Paul plays a record with Alfred Hitchcock. A piece of "The Visitant" was played.

10/23/83 to 10/27/83

T041 Tape #41

Paul Mack Haloween

Trailer: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Scary music and a Haloween skit done with the Dual Phase staff. More of Alfred Hitchcock. Some audio from the making of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial & some funny horror music.

10/28/83 to 11/3/83

T042 Tape #42

Trailers: Educating Rita, The Big Chill & Rumble Fish
Interview: Ross Harris talks about his latest movie "Testament". He plays a character named Brad Wetherly.

11/6/83 to 11/10/83

T043 Tape #43

Co-Hosts: Dave Burbank & Christy
Trailer: Rumble Fish
Crazy week. Clip of Jack Web in the beginning. Paul, Bob Observatory & Christy talk about movies that they just saw. They all try to say "Movie Review" as fast as they can. Kace from the valley (a real valley girl) calls and gets Dave and Paul live. She really can't believe that it's them live and makes a fuss about it.

11/13/83 to 11/17/83

T044 Tape #44

Co-Host: Bob Observatory
Trailers: Running Brave & Never Cry Wolf

11/20/83 to 11/24/83

T045 Tape #45

Trailers: Scarface, Never Cry Wolf & Fantasia
A Maps To Stars Homes announcement for jobs selling maps. Some Movieline news. Dave Burbank near the end of the tape talks about something from the TV special "The Day After".

11/27/83 to 12/1/83

T046 Tape #46

Trailers: Fantasia, Educating Rita & Never Cry Wolf
Paul explains to Al Bernay, his movie "The Visitant".

12/4/83 to 12/8/83

T047 Tape #47

Co-Host: Dave Burbank
Trailers: DC Cab & Scarface
The Dave Burbank laugh contest.

12/11/83 to 12/15/83

T048 Tape #48

Trailers: DC Cab, Christine & Scarface
Dave Burbank calls in to try out for "The Dave Burbank Laugh Contest".

12/18/83 to 12/22/83

T049 Tape #49

Trailer: A bit of Barbara Streisand
singing a song from Yentl. Some of Bob Hope. Comments on movies.

12/24/83 to 12/29/83

T050 Tape #50

50th Tape Anniversary

Guests: Dennis DeCreepo, Dave Burbank, Steven Z Bloopline, Michael the Gallactic Hitchhiker (the Time Lord), Bryan W Feedback, Al Bernay & Bob Observatory
Trailer: Christine, Mickey's Christmas Carol, Scarface
Plays the Hall of Fame (clips of intros)

1/1/84 to 1/5/84

Tapes #51 to #100

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