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Tapes #1 to #50
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Tapes #51 to #100
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Tapes #101 to #137
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the Wildeside
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Paul Mack Presents
the Movieline
1983 - 1986
Tapes #101 to #137

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The Wildeside
with William Wilde

with Paul Mack

with Paul Mack

T101 Tape #101

101st Tape Anniversary

Appearances by: Bryan W. Feedback, John Revolting, Dennis DeCreepo, Abhoolabroughtoowalla Doohasbin, William Wilde & Barney Fife.
Special Segments: Nino Telephun, William Wilde, Jim Clothesline & Bob Observatory.

5/26/85 to 5/30/85

T102 Tape #102

A continuation of Tape #101

Guests: Abhoolabroughtowalla Doohasbin, Jim Clothesline, Bob Observatory and his wife Anita.
Segments: Bob Ob, Jim Clothesline & Santa Kime, William Wilde.
There is a very funny segment with all of them ON Part 2.

6/2/85 to 6/6/85

T103 Tape #103

Comments will be added later

6/9/85 to 6/13/85

T104 Tape #104

Announcement of the line going down.

6/16/85 to 6/20/85

T105 Tape #105

Goodb..., A Fond Farewell To The Movieline
"Last Movieline Tape" for now, until next year. William Wilde takes over at this point.

6/23/85 to 6/27/85

Tape #106 through Tape #130 is on the Wildeside page.

T131 Tape #131

3rd Anniversary Special

Guests: Dave Burbank, The Galactic Hitchhiker & Bryan W. Feedback
Special Segment: by Mr. Phun
Narration: by William Wilde

1/19/86 to 1/23/86

Tape #132 through T134 Tape #134 is on the Wildeside section.

T135 Tape #135

Comments will be added later

4/1986 Time 38:24

T136 Tape #136

The 4th Annual MACKIE Awards


Commercial: Mack Snacks Limited "Movie Munchies"
Guests: Bob Observatory, Bryan W. Feedback, Dennis DeCreepo, Abhooabroughtowalla Doohasbin, Susan Cinema, Nino Telephun & Paul Mack.
Clips from past tapes

7/4/86 to 7/18/86

T137 Tape #137

Comments will be added later

8/3/86 to 8/9/86

Part 2 Time 15:40

Tapes #138 to #155

PaulBunnell At Sign

RonaldGibson At Sign

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